Value Creation and build customer loyalty through reliable and timely service, and providing quality goods at competitive prices.
At KDY Holdings we value long term relationship and create repeat businesses with our clients, through honesty, reliable service, and ethical business practices. We Strive to excel in our services, our clients’ satisfaction is our primary goal.

Speciality Chemicals

We viewed ourselves as a specialty chemical company  to serve the upstream oil drilling customers, refineries, petrochemical plants, and ancillary units. The primary function is to manage and distribute chemicals to upstream oil servicing companies. With the inclusion of Specialty Chemical Division, we have technical sales staff focusing on the target industries, and to serve the needs of the customers.

Warehousing and Logistics Capability

We have warehousing facilities and provide full logistics service to clients. Our Operations Manager has more than 30 years in the warehousing and logistics operations, and is experienced in handling cargo more than 200,000 metric tonne per annum.

Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment team is able to provide technical sales and support to our clients. Our team is well trained by our Principals on their range of products. We are the Distributor for DuPont, UOP and several renowned MNCs. We market and distribute the products based on the requirements of our clients.

Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminates Distribution

KDY Holdings is the distributor for Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminates. Wilsonart®, with a history of more than 60 years, is an iconic brand for high pressure laminates. Wilsonart® constantly launches innovative new products in colors, patterns and finishes that target both the residential and commercial markets.

Health and Safety

KDY Holdings emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment and ensuring maximum safety to its employees and personnel.

We communicate, train and involve all employees in EHS & S issues to ensure employee competency, employee ownership, and accountability for these activities. We are committed to preventing the accidental loss of any of its resources, including employees and physical assets. 

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, we provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. KDY Holdings also strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

We recognize that the responsibility for health and safety are shared. All employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facilities and on our work sites. Safe work practices and job procedures are clearly defined in the company’s Health and Safety Manual for all employees to follow.

Customer Satisfaction

Being a client-focused firm, we think long term and seek long-term relationships with our clients. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers and customers choose us as a trusted partner. We make our decision on with our clients’ best interests, goals, and timeline in mind.